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A And L Merchants, Inc.

Started on July 29, 2007

As Affiliate Marketing

1) We Do Affiliate Advertising & Marketing.
2) Proper Placement Of Merchants Merchandise Or Services In Proper Sites With Easy To Follow Menus.
3) Our Merchants Supplies Their Services, And Their Products Information, Images & Pricing.
4) We Make No Changes to Their Services Or Products.

For Our Patrons

1) We Do Not Collect No Information On Anyone For Any Purpose.
2) We Provide Good Products Or Services, At A Good Price That Our Patrons.
3) Patron make Their Selection Then Are Directed To The Merchants For More Information And To Finish The Sale.

And Remember Most Important Of All "We Collect No Information On Anyone For Any Purpose".

We Provide The Best Online Shopping Experience Possible.

Contact Us

Suggestions Are Always Welcome. Feel Free To Contact Us. Contacting Us Is Not A Problem.
See Our "Contact Us" Page For More Information.

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